For LUNE 04 (October 2020) we are looking for submissions on the theme of DISASTER

After a bit of a gap in production we are inviting contributions for a new issue of LUNE, on the highly appropriate theme of ‘disaster’. We are looking for writing (in the broadest sense of the term) that deals with any aspect of disaster, from the personal, the political, or the environmental, through to the conceptual and theoretical. The word disaster ultimately comes from the Greek for ‘bad star’, and denotes a calamitous astrological configuration. In The Post Card Jacques Derrida writes of ‘Disastrologies’. With that in mind we are looking for disastrological texts, reflecting the dark portents in our stars.

As ever, we particularly encourage work that does not fall easily into normal categories, such as memoir, fiction, or poetry, but subvert them, or plays with the conditions of their display.

For text submissions: 5000 words max, including footnotes and references if applicable.

Photography, collage, comics, visual poems, media works: welcome

Please include a 100-word bio, including any links, that you are happy to have published on our website and used in our social media.

Submissions and enquiries to by the 15th of August 2020

Lune 04:DISASTER to be published October 2020

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