cropped-cropped-lunesquare51.jpgLUNE 02: DISLOCATION

For LUNE 02 (Nov 2018) we are looking for submissions on the theme of DISLOCATION. In particular we welcome work that deals with question of place, displacement, space, spacing and location, especially in relation to writing and reading themselves.

The very acts of writing and reading involve a dislocation of the self and its supposed autonomy and integrity. We are interested in material that deals with questions of place and space, but also with that of language itself.

We want work that engages with language, genre, subjectivity, that brings into question the ability of writing to represent the world at all, or even to fully make sense, pieces that do not fall easily into normal categories, such as memoir, fiction, or poetry, but subvert them, or play with the boundaries between them.

  • For text submissions: 5000 words max, including footnotes and references if applicable.
  • Photography, collage, comics: welcome
  • Please include a 100-word bio, including any links, and a medium-res headshot you’re happy to have published on our website and used in our social media.


Submissions and enquiries to by 15th September 2018.

Lune 02:DISLOCATION to be published November 2018

Submissions and enquiries to by 15th Feb 2018.



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