For LUNE 03 (Feb 2019) we are looking for submissions on the theme of DISPLAY.

Whether it is the preening of a male peacock’s tail feathers, the parading of nuclear missiles by isolated despots, or the high definition chimera of today’s liquid crystal surfaces, displays involve the separation of (surface) appearance from the complexities of underlying process, circumstance and intention. When things are displayed, things are disguised; this means that all displays contain multitudes of disguised elements, each of them tangibly, if obscurely, codified into the display itself.

The display can be considered the crucial feature of the current situation: not only because of the ubiquity of digital displays that resolve a world in crisis into hypnotic sequences of surface and surrounding, but also because the questions of what is displayed, how and why, are key to forming a critical position on our post-truth political figures.

Display is a concept rarely taken up in relation to writing and reading, perhaps because language itself, and the poetry, theory and fiction we make from it, is often considered separately from the material conditions of its appearance. To attend to this separation, we want writing that engages with the way language displays and is displayed, and how writing itself is a method of display that exceeds that of the visual realm.

We anticipate this will result in works that combine the literary and the visual, and engage in the complexities of form and content, reality and appearance.

As ever, we particularly encourage work that does not fall easily into normal categories, such as memoir, fiction, or poetry, but subvert them, or plays with the conditions of their display.

  • For text submissions: 5000 words max, including footnotes and references if applicable.
  • Photography, collage, comics, visual poems, media works: welcome

Please include a 100-word bio, including any links, that you are happy to have published on our website and used in our social media.

Submissions and enquiries to by 15th January 2019

Lune 02:DISLOCATION to be published February, 2019


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